Book by Living Buddha Lian-sheng: 286 Paranormal Events

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286 Paranormal Events

Author:Sheng-yen Lu
Publisher:True Buddha Prajna Treasury
Publication Date:2021/11/15
Suitable for ages :All ages

Suitable for ages :All ages

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Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu
Book 286
Paranormal Events

Preface – Paranormal Events Q&A

Around June 2021, I suddenly felt weak all over. Just by a little exercise, I was out of breath. When walking for a while or climbing stairs, I found myself panting! I panted even more heavily when playing the Shaolin stick, and during Tai Chi also!
One of my disciples, a physician, said, “The COVID-19 vaccine may cause myocarditis. A side effect is shortness of breath.” I was shocked!

One day, as I was sitting quietly with my eyes half-open, a heart appeared in front of my left eye, a real living heart. This heart was identical to the heart diagrams one sees posted in clinics. It had a main body like a mango, valves, arteries and veins. The heart was as large as a fist.

I could see the heart beating and pulsing as bright red blood flowed out and dark red blood flowed in. I counted my heartbeats and found that the outer heart was beating in precise rhythm with my inner heart. As my heart beat once, the heart I was seeing beat once also!

Oh, My god! For the first time, to my surprise, I saw my own heart as I sat in meditation. I was truly amazed! I thought, in the future, I will be able to see my internal organs. As long as I sit still, my internal organs will present themselves one by one. (These are supernatural occurrences.)

Someone asked, “Grandmaster Lu, are you psychic?”
I replied, “I am.”
“Do you see buddhas?”
“I do!”
“Do you see ghosts?”
“Are the supernatural phenomena you write about for real?”
“100% for real!”

I want to clarify that my experiences are not visual or auditory hallucinations. They are real. Everything is true as is.
Still, however:
Some will believe.
Some will not.
Believing or not is up to you.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu contact address:
Sheng-yen Lu
17102 NE 40th Ct.,
Redmond WA 98052
August 2021


Have you ever encountered an amazing spiritual event?
Have you ever seen your heart beating just by the power of your own two eyes?
Have you ever dreamed about test questions a day in advance?
Have you ever experienced surgery in a dream and upon waking up, found you had recovered from an illness?
Have you ever witnessed your relatives being guided to the Pure Land?
This book details supernatural events, meticulously recording inconceivable occurrences one after another. By what kind of ability can the author personally witness such incredible events? Are these events caused by fate? Or by will?

This book is not merely a narrative. Every chapter implies a deeper meaning leading readers to practice self-discipline and engage in self-examination.
Don’t miss this authentic testimony!

This book comes with a copy of the author’s creation, 3D glasses and a book by Aizhen. (Limited edition)

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Translated by TBTTs
Translator: DJ Chang
Editors: Henry Wolf

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