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  • Daily Open Schedule:
  • Ceremonies and Group Practices:
    Weekend Services: 10:30am – 12:30pm Saturday
  • Spiritual Consultation:
    Every Saturday 2:00- 3:30pm at Lotus Light Temple, Vancouver Master Lian Tzi uses her spiritual power from Taoism’s Golden Mother to guide individuals in dealing with health, business, family life, or various life problems. Donations are welcomed. For appointment, call 604-685-5548
  • Buddha Shrine Sponsors:
    Lotus Light Temple and Lotus Light Monastery offer public the chances to seek long time special blessings in the following method.
    The name  of the sponsor will listed in the shrine to receive routine blessing in daily chantings and all ceremonies.
    Sponsoring Period: Yearly, Life Long

Blessing Shrines and Lotus Seat sponsoring in Lotus Light Temple and Lotus Light Monastery

Yearly Blessing Light
One Year

Planet Ruler (Lord of the Year) Blessing Light
One Year

Shrine of Longevity Blessing
One Year