Vajra Master Lian Tzi (bio, publications)

Vajra Master Lian Tzi, Presiding Master of Lotus Light Temple and Lotus Light Monastery

  • In 1990, Master took refuge in Grandmaster Lu, the Living Buddha Lian Sheng, founder of True Buddha School.
  • Since October, 1991, Master is the president of True Buddha News Publication Society, headquartered in Vancouver, BC Canada. Under her leadership, this international weekly newspaper currently has 6 publication branches worldwide: USA (New York and Los Angeles), Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore.
  • From 1993 – 2007, Master was the president of the International Lotus Light Charity Society, with 91 branches currently active around the world. The charity’s mandate is education, medical assistance, social assistance, cultural awareness and emergency disaster relief.
  • On June 3, 1995, Master took her monastic vows and was ordained as a vajra master of the True Buddha School, receiving the Vajra Acharya empowerment from Grandmaster Lu, the Living Buddha Lian Sheng.
  • Since March 10, 1996, Master is the presiding master at Lotus Light Temple in Vancouver, BC Canada.
  • From 1996 — 2001, Master was the chairwoman of Lotus Light Institute
  • From December 1997 — November 2002, Master was elected as the head of Public Relations and the spokesperson for the True Buddha Foundation for a five-year term.
  • Master Lian Tzi is the founder of “True Buddha Golden Mother Yoga”. At the 1999 Annual World Peace Ceremony held at UBC’s Chan Center, Master Lian Tzi performed the “Golden Mother Yoga” dance. Living Buddha Lian Sheng has revealed that Master Lian Tzi has the lineage connection with the Golden Mother of the Primordial Jade Pond, one of the elders in the Taoist tradition which is equivalent to one of the five dhyana Buddhas in Tantric Buddhism. This yoga can generate and connect the celestial pure energy from the Golden Jade Pond and the ground energy from earth as well.
  • Master Lian Tzi has published total of 16 books in her twenty years of dharma teachings. Some of these books are published on the official website (

Books Published by Master Lian Tzi

Essays: (散文集) 

  1. Floating Flowers in the Dreams. 夢裡飛花
  2. Inspiring Messages Fluttering in the Breeze.信物風飄飄

Dharma Talk Discourses: (講經說法文集)

  1. Jade Pond Golden Mother’s Universal Deliverance, Retrieval of Perfection, and Liberation through Meditative Stability and Wisdom Authentic Scripture (瑤池金母定慧解脫真經)
  2. Jade Pond Golden Mother’s Nourishment of Righteousness Authentic Scripture(瑤池金母養正真經)
  3. Jade Pond Golden Mother’s Great Compassionate Salvation from Obstruction Sutra (瑤池金母普度救劫經)
  4. Jade Pond Golden Mother’s Great Cultivation to Attain Complete Perfection Repentance Sutra (瑤池金母收圓寶懺經)
  5. Will Power Can Overcome Time and Space (願力遍時空)
  6. Heaven and Earth Can Be Created from One’s Heart ( 天地造化在一心)
  7. Insights from the Unselfish Eyes (無心之眼)
  8. When / If you Come Across Crisis (當你遇難時)
  9. The Breakthrough(破關)
  10. Golden Light Sutra [金光明經(上、下冊)]
  11. My Monkhood (我的出家生活)
  12. Diamond Sutra (金剛般若波羅蜜)
  13. The Buddha Explains the Benefits of Ordination (佛說出家功德經)
  14. Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra(維摩詰所說經)

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