Book 246 Chatting with Oneself: Preface

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Book 246 Chatting with Oneself: Preface

‧Written by Sheng-yen Lu‧
A US Daden Culture Publication

  One year, winter came early to Seattle, Washington, USA. Early one morning, I looked out the window and saw that the fountain in the courtyard was frozen. Icicles hung down the sides of the fountain. It was beautiful like a crystal chandelier.
  By evening, however, only three words could describe the outdoors:
  The temperature was below zero…
  The house was surrounded by darkness.
  Wet was the winter rain of Seattle.
  It was during this winter that I sat inside my study and wrote under the lamp this book, Chatting with Oneself.
  Allow me to explain this title!
  I do not have any intimate friends.
  I do not have any friends at all.
  I do not have anyone to talk to.
  I am Grand Master Lu. I have five million True Buddha School students, some of them close and others distanced.
  Students of high capacity, we chat a little more.
  Students of medium capacity, we chat a little less.
  Students of low capacity, we chat even less.
  Hence, most importantly, I chat with myself. This was how this book came to be.
  It was not note-taking.
  It was not writing.
  It was not creative writing.
  It was a chat. I asked myself questions and I myself replied.
  Why did I ask and answer my own questions?
  “I understand myself the best!”
  “I know I am a gifted prodigy and one who is truly enlightened!”
  “Are you mentally ill?”
  “Yes. If all sentient beings in the world are normal, then I am mentally ill.”
  “What do you mean?”
  “On the other hand, if I am normal, then people all over the world are mentally ill.”
  “Are all enlightened people like this?”
  “Yes. All enlightened people are mentally ill and beyond comprehension!”
  Question: “Why is this so?”
  “Hahahahaha! This is so absurd! Life is such a joke that I am dying of laughter!”
  “What is so funny and why are you laughing?”
  “Have I laughed?” (Here is the key.)

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