Manifestation of Pingala

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Book by Living Buddha Lian-sheng: 292 Master Vimalakirti & His Magic Power

Manifestation of Pingala

On Aug. 18, 2022, while sitting in meditation, I noticed several youths to the right of my Dharma throne.
I asked, “Who are you?”
The one in front replied, “Pingala.”
I was pleasantly surprised, “Are you the Lotus-leaf Youth (Wish-fulfilling Youth)?”
The youth answered, “Grandmaster Lu, I have appeared because you enshrined me. I am the Lotus-leaf Youth, also called the Wish-fulfilling Youth.”

I asked, “What wishes do you fulfill?”
The youth replied:
I assist those who are seeking helpful relationships with valuable people.
I help those who wish to be loved and respected by a woman.
From the void or in dreams, I instruct those facing difficulties.
I remove evil ghost spirits.
I destroy black magic spells cast by evil persons.
I enable one with bad grades to be ranked number one.
I harmonize couples in discord.
I detoxify one who has been poisoned.
I smoothly resolve unfavorable lawsuits.
I help one win debates.
I see that debts are paid back to one.
I cure all kinds of illnesses.
I change haunted houses into auspicious abodes.
I enable a pregnant woman to give birth smoothly.
I cause Buddhist practitioners to swiftly attain spiritual union.
I ensure career success.
I assist one to invent new things.
I inspire one’s writing.
I enable one to attain spiritual union with one’s personal deity.

Upon hearing this, I exclaimed these words of praise:
“You truly are the Wish-fulfilling Youth! You are able to fulfill the wishes of sentient beings!”
I asked, “How does one perform your practice?”
The Wish-fulfilling Youth replied, “Just recite my name and make offerings to me.”
“What name do I recite?”
“Pi-li-ni-jia or pi-li-yun-jia.”
“How does one make offerings?”
“Please refer to Hariti and Beloved Children Accomplishment Ritual.”

When Pingala had finished speaking, his entire body emitted light and he disappeared into the void.
I was totally amazed.
I asked Vimalikirti, “Why did the Wish-fulfilling Youth come to me?”
Vimalikirti answered, “In the past, Liu Yu gave you a Lotus-leaf Youth, and recently, Rev. Lianshei also gave you a Lotus-leaf Youth. This is the cause.”
“What is the effect?”
“The effect is, you are spreading the Practice of Lotus-leaf Youth.”
Upon hearing this, I was overjoyed!
“Om, pi-li-yun-jia, so-ha.”
(the mantra)

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang

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