Pingala (Lotus-Leaf Youth)

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Pingala (Lotus-Leaf Youth)

In Aug. 2022, Rev. Lianshei of Malaysia gave me a statue of Pingala (Lotus-Leaf Youth). I enshrined Pingala in the Youth Heaven at the True Buddha Tantric Quarter.

This image of Pingala brings joy to everyone! There are five chignons on his crown. Seated in the lotus position, he holds an auspicious fruit in his left hand while his right hand is held downward with the palm facing out. (Wish-fulfilling Mudra)

He sits atop a lotus leaf. His face is that of an adorable, perfect youth. (Dignified and majestic)

A smiling face. All kinds of jewels and necklaces adorn his body.

According to what I know, this is Pingala’s origin:

During the era of the Buddha, there was a child-eating demoness known as Hariti.

Originally, she was a ferocious ghost spirit. She gave birth to 500 children, the youngest was Pingala. Hariti loved this youngest child the most.

This ferocious female ghost spirit liked to eat small children, and she ate a great many children in Rajgir [The City of Kings]. Utterly terrified, the parents in Rajgir informed Shakyamuni Buddha about the situation. The Buddha’s bowl then emitted light, drawing Hariti’s little Pingala into it.

Upon returning home, Hariti couldn’t find her most beloved little child. Out of her mind with sorrow, she went to the Buddha.

The Buddha said, “You are in despair over the loss of a child?”

“Indeed, I am.” Hariti replied.

“You have eaten many of the children in Rajgir. Are the parents of these children also in despair?”

“They must be utterly grief stricken!”

“Put yourself into their shoes. In the future, are you going to eat other people’s children?”

Hariti suddenly awakened.

“Never! I’m done eating other people’s children!” she exclaimed.

Upon hearing this, the Buddha let Pingala out of the bowl. Because he had lived in the Buddha’s bowl, Pingala obtained the lineage of the Buddha’s Dharma power.

It turned out that Pingala had the Dharma power to fulfill the wishes of sentient beings. Later, Pingala’s name was changed to Wish-fulfilling Youth. This is why Pingala is called Wish-fulfilling Youth, or also Lotus-Leaf Youth.

The Buddha said to Hariti, “I will instruct my disciples that from now on, when they make food offerings, they will also make offerings to you.”

This is namely:

“To the great Garuda,

To the multitude of ghosts and spirits in the desolate wilds,

To the Rakshasas and

to Hariti,

May you all be filled with nectar.”

Later on, Hariti became a Dharma protector in Buddhism. Her youngest child, Pingala, is even greater.

This is Pingala”s mantra: “Om, pi-li-yun-jia, so-ha.”

If one recites this mantra 100,000 times while making offerings in accordance with the Dharma, Pingala will appear before one.

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang

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