Dragon King Treasure Vase Practice

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Please note that anyone who wishes to engage in this practice must first take refuge in True Buddha School and receive empowerment from Living Buddha Lian-sheng or authorized True Buddha Vajra Acharyas.

Introduction and the procedure for: The Dragon King Treasure Vase Practice” (teaching by Grand Master in H.K.)


Dragon King Treasure Vase Practices

Start by praying for the root lineage blessing:

First empty the mind. Next, visualize your parents, children, relatives, friends, and enemies join you in this practice. Visualize the Root Lineage Guru, Living Buddha Lian Sheng appearing above your crown and radiating light on everyone present. Chant the Root Lineage Guru, Living Buddha’s Heart Mantra 7 times. Pray for the practice will be in great perfection and auspicious.

Wake Up Call: Clap twice, then cross hands and snap thumbs and middle fingers.

  1. Recite the Purification & Earth God Mantras
  2. Recite the Invocation Mantra
  3. Great Homage, using visualization
  4. Mandala Offering Mudra
  5. Four Fold Refuge
  6. Armor Protection
  7. Recite the High King Avalokitesvara Sutra
  8. Recite the Rebirth Mantra
  9. Recite the Root Lineage Guru Heart MantraOm, guru, lian-sheng siddhi, hum. (108 times)
  10. Recite the Four Immeasurable Vows

        May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness; this is immeasurable loving-kindness. 

        May all beings be liberated from suffering and the causes of suffering; this is immeasurable compassion. 

        May all beings be free of suffering and always stay happy; this is immeasurable joy. 

        May all beings be free of grasping and aversion and practice equality; this is immeasurable equanimity.

   11. Mudra and VisualizationDragon King Mudra

         Dragon Mudra:  

        The Mudra sort of looks like the Chinese character for “well ( # ) “.

        The middle and index fingers of both hands cross to form the ” # “

        When you form this Mudra, visualize the vase (which should have already  been placed at the shrine) transforming into a Dragon in the following way:
        DragonTreasure Vase (web)

  • the mouth of the vase is the head of the Dragon,
  • the neck of the vase is the neck of the Dragon,
  • the main body of the vase is the main body of the Dragon,
  • and the bottom of the vase is the rear of the Dragon.

       You are transforming this whole vase into the whole body of a Dragon.

      Then you talk to the Dragon King and sincerely  entreat  him to rise up to become the Buddha.

      Visualize this Dragon rising up into the sky and transforming into the Five Dhyani Buddhas dwelling  in space.

    After the visualization is employed as per instruction,

    Recite the Mantra 108 times:

          “ Namo, Sam-man-doh, moo-toh-nam, wah-ri-la, mee. “


  1. Make one’s wish and Visualize:

         After making the wish, visualize the five Buddhas, transformed from the Dragon King in the space above, emitting light on this treasure vase.

        Every time after you do this Practice, you have to repeat the same visualization: the Dragon King transforming into the Five Buddhas, and the Five Buddhas emitting light on this vase.

  1. Praising Verse: The Dragon King Treasure Vase Dharma Practice is transmitted by Living Buddha Lian Sheng. The great spiritual power that is generated from the group practice is profound, may all circumstances to be auspicious.

  14.  Dedication: First, may all receive the great wealth and be resourceful, thereafter, may the sentient  beings receive salvation and bestow with the treasure of precious dharma.

  1. Recite the Principal Deities Heart Mantras
  1. Recite the Buddha’s Name

  17.  Dedication

  1. Recite the Hundred Syllable Mantra

  19.  Great Homage with Visualization

  20.   Recite the Completion

           Dismissal:   Clap twice, then cross hands and snap thumbs and middle fingers.


        End of Practice:    May all endeavors be auspicious.






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