Book by Living Buddha Lian-sheng: 287 Whispers and Poetry: One Poetry a Day

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Book by Living Buddha Lian-sheng:

287 Whispers and Poetry: One Poetry a Day

Author:Sheng-yen Lu

Publisher:True Buddha Prajna Treasury

Publication Date:2022/01/10


Suitable for ages :All ages

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Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu
Book 287
Whispers and Poetry: A Poetry a Day


Preface – Whispers and Poetry
After completing Book 286, Paranormal Events, I began planning Book 287 and contemplated what the title should be. I then remembered Whispers in the Dream Garden, a book I had written in my boyhood years. Ah ha! Whispers!
I also recalled numerous poems I had written when I was young. Ah ha! Poetry! I combined the two words and titled my next book Whispers and Poetry!

However, there was a problem. Silly Sheng-yen Lu was no longer green, mellow, and in the prime of life… but rather, in old age and already approaching dusk. Gosh! The glowing sunset was beautiful, but in an instant, was deluged with black crows and dead silence.
What could I write about? At this moment, my mind drew a blank. However, at a closer glance into my heart, I was shocked to notice that the hot bloodedness of my youth was still present. Therefore, without regard for the consequences, I went ahead and titled the book Whispers and Poetry.

I often think:
Who is that dullard, Sheng-yen Lu ?
Who am I?
The man who wrote 287 books?
The person who painted thousands of pictures?
The one who discoursed at the Dharma throne?
The master of five million disciples?
The old monk who plays the Shaolin stick?
The one who beats the Dharma drum?
Who is this person?
Who is this man?
In the dead of night, I tell you the truth,
“No one.”

I’ll write a poem!
And title it “Who am I?”
Not sure how much longer I will continue writing.
To be honest
I do sip a bit of wine
And continue wondering
Who am I?
Though hot blood still remains
Peach blossom appearance neither fat nor thin
Still do not know who is who
Whispers and Poetry
In the meantime
The fresh wind blows through my sleeves

Living Buddha Lian-sheng
Sheng-yen Lu
17102 NE 40th Ct.,
Redmond WA 98052
October 2021


In more than 50 years of writing, the author has created a diversity of works. The book Whispers and Poetry reflects the author’s feelings about his life viewed from an angle outside of the framework of his life path, recalling people and events still in that framework from birth up to the present day. His writing breaks through and surpasses all standard frameworks.

Each article employs prose, narrative, and an argumentative style to write in whispers; combining poems to express emotion and reason, and spread the Dharma. The book is not limited to lyrical and perceptual whispers and poetry, but is also a creative work with rational connotations.

Though maple leaves have faded
Their veins are still visible
Thinking of them as rippling waves

The book comes with a copy of the author’s painting

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Translated by TBTTs
Translator: DJ Chang
Editors: Henry Wolf

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