Golden Mother Eight Longevity Health Practices

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Golden Mother Eight Longevity Health Practices 

Annotation of Golden Mother Eight Longevity Health Practices 

Teachings by Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Sheng-Yen Lu


Upon receiving numerous requests by several Vajra Masters at the Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple in Redmond, Grandmaster Sheng-yen Lu agreed to transmit the teachings of the Golden Mother’s 7 Dharma Longevity Health Practice and empowerment on September 16, 2006.

The Golden Mother’s 7 Dharma Longevity Health Practice was directly transmitted from the Golden Mother herself and is considered as an esoteric practice.  Due to its secrecy, Grandmaster did not publicize the practice previously until September 16, 2006.  He decided to transmit the teaching because he felt bad to use the practice in secret for his own personal benefit.  He believed that the compassionate Golden Mother would agree with his decision to disseminate the teaching to his disciples.

Grandmaster explained that among all of the deities the Golden Mother is considered the strictest and most righteous.  He himself has not encountered any deity whose power exceeds that of the Golden Mother’s.  Therefore, one should never underestimate the divine power of the Golden Mother.  The karmic retribution dispensed by Golden Mother is fast-acting.  For instance when she was in good spirits in the past, there were no plagues in the world.  However, when she was displeased, the world was afflicted by plagues.  Consequently, the Golden Mother may be regarded as the deity who regulates all worldly diseases and plagues.

An example that Grandmaster gave was a few years ago when many parts of the world were suddenly plagued by a contagious disease known as SARS.  When he beseeched the Golden Mother to stop the plague, he was given a tiny magical pouch.  When he returned to samasra with it, SARS as well as Mad Cow diseases instantly ceased ever since.  From this incident, we learned that Golden Mother possesses the great power to dissipate and/or ward off natural disasters.


What is the Golden Mother’s 7 Dharma Longevity Health Practice?

 The practice consists of 7 basic types of physical exercises and each type is designed specifically to strengthen a particular body organ or system.  The dharma exercises consist of the following 7 types:  the removal of lesions, improvement of the eyesight, dental health, hearing, circulation, chi balancing, and kidney health.  Each dharma exercise is simple to do at home.  It requires only a few minutes to accomplish.

In addition, Grand Master was also taught an 8th exercise, which involves bodily fluid balance.  However,

He was instructed by the Golden Mother not to openly disclose the last method to anyone.  Hence, he only disclosed 7 of the original 8 exercises pertaining to the Golden Mother’s Dharma Longevity Health Practice.  In his dharma talk, however, Grand Master promised to disclose hints of what the 8th practice involved. 


Benefit of the Golden  Mother’s 8 dharma Longevity Health Practice

  1. Lesion(s) — the removal of cancerous lesions or lumps, to be cancer free.
  2. Eyeslight — to improve eyesight, prevent cataracts, glaucoma or other eye diseases caused by aging.
  3. Teeth — to exercise and strengthen the teeth and gums, to prevent them from falling out from aging.
  4. Hearing — to prevent the hearing lost from aging
  5. Circulation — to prevent heart condition problem, like the major arteries blockage around the hear .
  6. Nose, breathing — the nine-round breathing practice to generate internal energy, called “Chi” in one’s body. The chi energy can help ignite the kundalini in yogic practice, men can develop non-leakage; women can balance menopausal hormonal changes, menstruation, and increase the yang energy flow inside the body.
  7. Lungs and Kidney — to strengthen the function and protect the organs
  8. Bodily fluid secretions — to help retain the essential fluids which are vital for nourishing the body’s cells, promoting one’s vitality and longevity, boosting the five body essential systems, balance the harmonic levels, and the balancing the five elements in one’s body.  Yogis can achieve esoteric bodhicitta practice as well.


By practicing these dharma exercises one can possibly prevent oneself from contracting common illnesses in the future.  However, if one currently suffers from certain illnesses then the exercises will not reverse the sickness.  In such a case, the exercises would prevent the sickness from worsening.  Regardless, however, disciples are advised to seek help from health care professionals as needed. These dharma exercises should be regarded as a supplementary form to one’s health care.


In order to practice the Golden Mother’s 8 Dharma Longevity Health Practice, one must obtain the empowerment from Grand Master.  Otherwise, the performance of the exercises would be considered as an act of stealing the dharma.  One would not receive the linage blessings from the Root Guru and from Golden Mother.

Golden Mother’s 8 Dharma Longevity Health Practice

  1. Cure Lesion Secret Practice (perform in front of one’s own shrine)
  • First, visualize and invoke the enshrined Golden Mother in your own shrine by saying, “wearing a phoenix headdress, holding heavenly fly-whisk, holding auspicious wand” (note: if the enshrined Golden Mother is holding the longevity-peach , you would recite “holding longevity-peach”, not the ‘heavenly fly-whisk’.)
  • Then recite, “Namo the Golden Mother of the Primordial Pond” (3 times)

(nan mo, wu-ji yao-chi, jin-mu da tian zun)

  • Now, put your hand on the area where the cancerous lump or lesion is located. For example if the lesion is on the head, then, put your hand on the head.
  • Visualize the cancerous area transforming into a bee hive with numerous cavities and recite, “hum, hum, hum”, as you see the numerous of bees are flying out.
  • Repeat this practice once a day at about the same time in front of Golden Mother, through times from the practice the cancerous lesion will become smaller and smaller, then it will be disappeared at the end.


  1. Eyes Exercise
    • Just when you are awaked in the morning in your bed, with your eyes closed, rotating your eyeballs in circular motion starting from the far right, up, and to the far left and down, then repeat this motion continuously for 14 times.
    • While your eyes are still closed, visualize you are staring at the evergreens in the mountain from far away, then, open your eyes abruptly as wide as possible and as if you were piercing through the wall and looking at the mountain.
    • Do it once in the morning on a daily basis when you are still in bed, this will prevent presbyopia, void wearing bifocal glasses when you are aged.


  1. Crunching teeth Exercise
  • Right after the eyes exercise, do the teeth exercise with your mouth closed by biting down with your upper and lower teeth together quickly and gently with the teeth-crunching sound for 36 times.


  1. Ear-Drumming Exercise
    • Covering your ears with the palmar side of your hands and snap your fingers by with your thumbs and middle fingers just behind your ears at the same time on both sides together in a consecutive sequent of a 7-count manner, like 7, 14, 21… etc. 


  1. Preventative Myocardial Infarction (Heart Condition Problem)
    • Holding your hand in a fist position and place the base of the thumb bone on your sternum by pressing down firmly along the sternum bone with the motion going up and down in a straight line from the top to the bottom of your sternum for 50 times.
    • Counting by reciting the name of Amitahba :

                  1 2 3 4 5 6 A-Mi-Tah-Fo (1st 10times)

                 2 2 3 4 5 6 A-Mi-Tah-Fo (2nd 10times)

                 3 2 3 4 5 6 A-Mi-Tah-Fo (3rd 10times)

                 4 2 3 4 5 6 A-Mi-Tah-Fo (4th 10times)

                 5 2 3 4 5 6 A-Mi-Tah-Fo (5th 10times)

  1. “Chi” Energy Cultivation Practice
    • Rub your hands together abruptly until heat is generated; place the right-hand on your belly, then rub and turn with power going clockwise in circular motion for 14 times.
    • Then, with your left hand going counter-clockwise for 14 times.


  1. Strengthening Kidneys Practice
    • Rub your hands together abruptly until heat is generated; place the hands on either side at the back by the kidneys area and massage them with power by rubbing up and down for 100 times or more.


  1. Golden Mother’s Divine Water Practice
  • One may practice at any time, in the morning, afternoon, or at night.  Practice every day at least 9 to 21 times.
  • Free all thoughts,  quiet your mind and be calm
  • With your mouth closed, using your tongue press gently and move around on the cracks of your teeth,
  • Touch the palate with your tongue; let the saliva flowing down naturally to fill your mouth in full.
  • Stir the saliva until agitated into bubbles, then swallow. This divine water will nurture the internal organs, keep you moist and balance, thus, the body will be very healthy.


Note:  In the dharma teachings, Grand Master has said that one would see result overtime if one practices daily and diligently.  He has also mentioned that one may conduct the exercises for eyes, teeth, and ears in bed when one has just wakened up in the morning. The heart, kidneys and belly exercises can be conducted before one has his/hers bath or shower in the washroom.



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