“Bathing the Buddha Ritual ” ~ 2 Celebrations at Lotus Light Temple and Lotus Light Monastery

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2 Celebrations: Bathing the Buddha Ritual & Empowerment (An worldwide event in Buddhism) 

May 8~Sun. at Monastery @ Richmond  
May 14~Sat. at Temple @ Vancouver  
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

The”Bathing Buddha Ritual” will be conducted at Lotus Light Temple to celebrate the birthday of Shakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, who was the great prince of India.  This event is the most important and the biggest event to all Buddhists around the whole world.    

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“The Merit of Bathing Sutra” will be recited, and, the heartfelt song of “Bathing Buddha Verse” will be sung throughout the sacred ritual.  The blessings from the ritual cleanses Buddhist’s mind, body and soul, purifies the thoughts, speeches and  hearts, removes the karma and enriches one’s spiritual strength.  This ritual can bring out one’s Buddha nature to fruition when and if one continues to honor, respect and practice the teachings and dharma diligently.

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