Vajrasattva Practice (of the Four Preliminary Practices)

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Vajrasattva Practice 

(of the Four Preliminary Practices)

A True Buddha School Practice Text

Please note that anyone who wishes to engage in this practice must first take refuge in True Buddha School and receive empowerment from Living Buddha Lian-sheng or authorized True Buddha Vajra Acharyas.


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Complete procedure link in PDF: Vajrasattva Practice Sadhana (of the Four Preliminary Practices)


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Mudra and Visualization

       Vajrasattva Mudra:

The right hand makes a fist facing inward, with the thumb outside the fist. The left hand makes a fist facing               outward, with the thumb inside the fist. Hold this mudra in front of the chest.

Vajrasattva mudraHum (1040 x 1040) with text

    Visualization: First empty the mind.

    Chant the Emptiness Mantra:  Om, si-ba-wa, su-da, sa-er-wa, da-er-ma, si-ba-wa, su-do-hang. (3 times)

  1. The “hum”   seed syllable inside the moon disc revolves and transforms into Vajrasattva. His body is white and he is adorned by a Five-Buddha Crown, celestial garments and ornaments. Sitting on a moon disc supported by an eight-petal lotus, Vajrasattva holds, against his heart, a vajra scepter in his right hand (in the Fierce Mudra) and by his left thigh, a vajra bell in his left hand (also in the Fierce Mudra). At the level of his heart is a recitation wheel containing the Hundred Syllable Mantra. This mantra surrounds his heart chakra, revolves, and radiates brilliant white light.
  2. Above an expanse of ocean is a stretch of clear sunny sky. A moon disc rises from the ocean into the sky. Inside the moon disc is the white Tibetan seed syllable “hum,” emitting great white light.
  3. This great white light arcs over and down, pouring through one’s crown and filling one’s entire body. One’s whole body exhibits a great white light, and negative karma and thoughts are expelled as black mist through all skin pores. One’s body becomes crystal clear, radiating light. One enters a state of meditation joy.

   Recite the Hundred Syllable Mantra: (21 or 49 times, or more)

         Om, be-dza, sah-do sa-ma-ya, ma-nu bah-la-ya, be-dza sah-do deh-nu-pah-deh-cha, zhe-jo mi-bah-wa, soo-         do ka-yu mi-bah-wa, soo-poo ka-yu mi-bah-wa, an-nu-la-do mi-bah-wa, sa-er-wa, sid-di, mi-bu-la-ya-cha,         sa-er-wa, ka-er-ma, soo-cha-mi, ji-ta-moo, see-li-yam, gu-ru hum, ha-ha-ha-ha-hoh, bah-ga-wan, sa-er-               wa, da-ta-ga-ta, be-dza, ma-mee mun-cha, be-dzi-ba-wa, ma-ha sa-ma-ya, sah-do-ah, hum, pei.

   Entering Samadhi:

Samadhi illustration samadhi _ personal practice_1040

   Visualization of Entering of the Deity into Oneself:

  • Visualize Vajrasattva sitting on top of one’s crown opening.
  • Inside one’s body, a lotus flower at the heart chakra opens up. On the lotus is a moon disc. In the moon disc is the “ ” seed syllable of Vajrasattva. Visualize this seed syllable emitting white light.
  • ( Visualize Vajrasattva (atop one’s crown) transform into a small orb of light, the size of a grain of rice. He travels through the crown opening to descend down the central channel until reaching and resting in the heart chakra lotus.
  •  Vajrasattva (sitting in the heart chakra lotus) gradually enlarges, until becoming exactly the same size as the practitioner. Visualize oneself as Vajrasattva. There is no difference between the two.

    Emerging from Samadhi and Dedication:

      Living Buddha Lian-sheng teaches Great Tantric Practice,

     Vajrasattva transforming into Vajra-Heart,

     An authentic spiritual response when the two merge into one,

    Eradicating negative hindrances to attain purity.

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