Book 246 Chatting with Oneself: One Is Devious as Long as One Is Human

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‧Written by Sheng-yen Lu‧

A US Daden Culture Publication

  This word “devious” is but one of the terms used by humans. It means “incorrect,” “crooked,” “evil,” and “badness.”
The Sutra on the Past Vows of Ksitigarbha Have you read Bodhisattva?
The Ksitigarbha Sutra says: “The beings of Jambudvipa create karmic transgression and commit sins whenever they move, rest, or stir a thought.”
What is this “karmic transgression”?
“Karmic transgression” is “deviousness,” “crookedness,” “partiality,” “evilness.”
When I came upon this sentence in the sutra, I started laughing aloud.
“One is devious as long as one is human!”
I said:
“This sentence makes me feel quite at ease!”
After all:
You are devious!
I am devious!
He is devious! Everyone is devious!
Why then do some people say their organization is “orthodox” while our group is a “cult”?
Let me tell you:
“The so-called orthodox is not orthodox. It is because they are not orthodox that they are called orthodox.”
“The so-called cult is not a cult. It is because the group is not a cult that they are called a cult.”
Ha ha ha!
Hee hee hee!
I was overwhelmed with happiness!
Is Tantrayana a cult?
I say:
“Yes, not just Tantrayana, all religions and organizations are cults.”
“How can one be not devious?”
My reply:
“When you are no longer human!”
Let me tell you honestly:
“Scholars are devious, farmers are devious, laborers are devious, religious followers are devious, poor men are devious, rich men are devious, politicians are devious, Tantrayana practitioners are devious, Sutrayana practitioners are devious, those seeking immortality are devious, even presidents are devious!”
“The beings of Jambudvipa create karmic transgression and commit sins whenever they move, rest, or stir a thought.”
“Aren’t such ideas horrible?”
“Not at all! It has always been this way.”
“Why do the other denominations claim themselves to be orthodox and call your group a cult?”
Reply: “Egoism!”
In reality, all groups are cults. What a delightful thing it is! I am tickled to death!
“You are inconceivable!”
“Indeed, someone like me can be called inconceivable!”
“Have you already transcended?”
“I have long been a buddha!”
“What is a buddha?”
My reply:
“Not human!” (Someone who has ceased to cherish the notion of his own selfhood and other selves.)
“Will anyone believe that you have attained Buddhahood?”
My reply:
“Whether people believe or not, authenticate or not authenticate,
slander or ridicule, it does not matter. Only a buddha knows a buddha.”
“Who can authenticate you?”
“Shakyamuni Buddha.”
“Shakyamuni Buddha passed away twenty-five hundred years ago. How can he authenticate you?”
My reply:
“When one becomes a buddha, birth and death no longer exists. Time and space no longer exist. So authentication is possible.”

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