Appendix: The Perfect Bliss of Hevajra: There is Neither Creation Nor Destruction, Part 7

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Appendix: The Perfect Bliss of Hevajra: There is Neither Creation Nor Destruction
(A dharma discourse given by His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-sheng on September 9, 2012 at Rainbow Temple, North Bend, Washington, U.S.A.)

Book 223 Stories of Supreme Spiritual Responses《無上殊勝的感應》「2012年9月9日彩虹雷藏寺開示」
Translated by Janny Chow
A US Daden Culture Publication
(continued from pg A7 , TBN issue # 1149)

It is best that you consult me for these three things: anything related to your practice, requests for empowerment, or any especially important matters. Do not come to consult me for trivial matters, such as “Why is the pig at home refusing to eat?” “Why are the chickens at home not eating rice?” There is no need to ask such questions. “Why do I have this tiny dermatitis on my skin?” Just apply some antibiotic or steroid cream and it will get better. So do not ask me those questions. Skin diseases can be recurrent. Skin has memory and after a break out, even when it has healed, it will break out at the same spot another time. That is why it is very good to be a dermatologist. First of all, you will never be sued because dermatitis won’t kill you. Secondly, as long as the itching continues, patients will come back to see you. Thirdly, patients are rarely cured and thus the doctor will have continuous income. So, if you want to be a doctor, become a dermatologist. When patients come to you, the most effective medicine prescribed is often an antibiotic or steroid cream. I met a dermatologist in Taiwan who told me candidly, “Actually skin diseases cannot be cured. When you apply cream, the bacteria hide. When antibodies wane, the bacteria come out again!” I am sorry that I have leaked these words! Dr Zhou Heng, you are a medical doctor. Are these words correct? Right! You can only suppress the symptoms. If they remain in remission for a long time, you are really lucky!

Hevajra is without fear.  When you are able to cultivate yogic union with him, union of emptiness and form occurs, and you will attain realization and enlightenment, and you will have no worries or sadness. Take me for example, Grand Master has no sadness or worry. Everyone says December 21, 2012 is the end of the world since the Mayan calendar ends on December 21 of 2012. Regardless, whether there is an end to the world or not, Grand Master does not worry. If it were to happen, it will be the perfect time to enter Buddhahood instantaneously! [audience applause] Isn’t this right?

Furthermore, because the end of the world descends upon everyone equally, you won’t have to pay any debt you owe. Everyone should be happy. After all, whether you are rich or poor, everything vanishes and equalizes. This is not impossible. If a huge sunspot came out and disturbed the earth’s magnetic field, the earth’s movements would become chaotic, and who would survive? Within the solar system, stability is maintained among the celestial bodies based on magnetism. If one of these celestial bodies began moving off course, the whole solar system will be demolished.
(to be continued)

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