2016 Mar ~ April Activities Schedule at Lotus Light Temple and Lotus Light Monastery

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Lotus Light Temple and Lotus Light Monastery

*Lotus Light Temple   Address: 347 E Hastings St., Vancouver    http://temple.vllcs.org/

Lotus Light Monastery Address: 6571 No 6 Rd, Richmond    http://temple.vllcs.org/about-us/about-llm/

2016  Mar ~ April Activities Schedule 

Hosted By Vajra Master Lian Tzi   https://www.facebook.com/liantzi.shi 


Spiritual Consultation: Master Lian Tzi uses her spiritual power from Taoism’s Golden Mother to guide individuals in dealing with health, business, family life, or various life problems. Donations are welcomed. Please call for an appointment.

Consultation Schedule:  Saturdays & Sundays 1:00-2:00pm (call for appointment & location)


Weekly Group Practice/Ceremony Schedule:  Donations are welcomed!

  • Saturdays time: 10:30am at Lotus Light Temple in Vancouver
  • Tuesday evenings: 7pm; Sundays : 10:30am at Lotus Light Monastery in Richmond
  • Lunch will be offered on Saturdays and Sundays


All donations are payable to Lotus Light Charity Society. We also accept credit cards (Master / Visa).

Mailing address:  #200-357 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6A 1P3   


March  & April 2016

Mar 26 – Apr 1, to Sat.  7days         Location: (Vancouver) Lotus Light Temple, Vancouver   

 The Great Emperor Leung Repentance Ceremony  (梁皇寶懺) 

Intro/ Dedication & Benefit: Time to pay annual spring respect to our ancestors and the deceased. These two powerful ceremonies are dedicated to benefit the human world, as well as the netherworld. The registered ancestors and spirits will receive Buddha’s lights and some may even be delivered to Buddha’s pure-land   or receiving favorable rebirth.


Time & Date: Emperor Leung Repentance Ceremony (7 days) 梁皇寶懺



Mar 26 (Sat.)

Mar 27 (Sun.)

Mar 28 (Mon.)

Mar 29 (Tue.)

Mar 30 (Wed) Mar 31 (Thurs) Apr 1st (Fri)
()Scroll # 1 & 2 (Sat.)

#3 & 4 (Sun.)

#5 (Mon.)

#6 (Tue.)

#7 & #8 #9 #10
(時間)Time 10am-12pm


7pm-9pm 3pm – 5:00pm


7pm-9pm 7pm-9pm


Apr 2 Saturday 10:30am – 12:30pm       Location: Lotus Light Temple, Vancouver

  Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Yoga Bardo Great Ceremony & Empowerment

Feature: Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s powerful “Seven-star Command Flag” will be used in the deliverance ceremony to purify and liberate our ancestors and the deceased (地藏王瑜伽焰口超度法會)


Image result for true buddha repentance photos

April 16 Saturday 10:30am – 12:30pm       Location: Lotus Light Temple, Vancouver

Namo Kurukulla Mother Fire Homa & Empowerment  

Benefit: This Buddha Mother’s blessings would show love and harmony upon all disciplines and registrants, thus, one will gain magnetization energy which will enrich one’s life and able to gain love and respect  from others at home and at work as well.


April 24th Sun  10:30am – 12:30pm    Location: Lotus Light Monastery, Richmond

True Buddha Repentance

Intro: This ceremony is scheduled because it is the eighteenth of the month on the Lunar Calendar.  It is stated that in the True Buddha Sutra that one’s wish will be fulfilled if this sutra is recited whole heartedly!  Obstacles can be removed, karmic ties can be resolved with one’s karmic creditors, attached spirits and deceased can be delivered to pure land.  True Buddha Sutra has great merit and power, a sincere believer will be able to receive boundless of  blessings from our Root Guru, Living Buddha Lian Shen.  The merit of this repentance can  enriching one’s life and strengthening one’s spiritual growth.    All participants and registrants will receive great benefits!  You may register for the deceased as well!

 True Buddha Repentance Liturgy

If you have any enquiries or if you need more information with our activities, please give us a call! Tel:(604) 685-5548

On Line Donation.

Mailing Address: 200-357 E Hastings St., Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 1P3

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